Sliding Lock Bars, Commercial

Sliding Lock Bars for Commercial and Residential Use

Sliding Lock Bars

Lockking Sliding lock bars

    LockKing Commercial Sliding Lock Bars are for Commercial and Residential Use.

  • The Adjustment Screw on the bottom track helps makes the lock bar tamper proof.
  • Easy to Adjust with the supplied Hex Wrench.
  • The Commercial Security Bar use 3M Industrial Foam Backed Tape attached to the mounting brackets.
  • Mounting Brackets are Pre-Drilled with supplied screws as an option.
  • Measure up the Side of the Sliding Door and the Jamb to your height and apply brackets to a Clean Surface.
  • The Bracket Mounting Surface is cleaned with rubbing alcohol,(isopropyl)
  • After a Simple Adjustment the Commercial Lock Bars are Ready To Use.
  • The Sliding Lock Bars are Self Adjusting and move with the door.
  • No Difficulty with Pins, Sticks and Clamps.
  • To Unlock the Lock Bar Lift Up in the Middle, to Lock, Push Down in the Middle.
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  • The Commercial Lock Bars are Always Ready to Use.
  • The Lock Bars come in White, Black, and Silver.
  • All Lock Bars come with Stoplock.
  • Click Here for Installation Instructions for Commercial Lock Bars.