Sliding Door Bar Locks

Sliding Door Bar Locks made for Sliding Glass Doors, Patio Doors, Pet Doors, and Windows.


-Sliding Glass Doors are vulnerable access points in your home.

-Lockking Sliding Door Bar Locks replaces the latch or lock built in the door which can be unreliable.

-A burglar can makes quick work of gaining entry into your home through the Sliding Door by lifting it up and releasing the latch.

-A simple adjustment can help, but a Lockking Sliding Door Bar Locks will give you Piece of Mind and act as a visual deterrent..

-Many homeowners have resorted to placing a stick in the track to prevent the door from being opened from the inside or outside.

-This is a quick but ineffective remedy for the problem of security. The stick requires the homeowner
to be aware at all times of the stick being in place on the floor.

-Adding to this, the stick on the floor is not visual, and there is repeated physical strain from bending over to remove and replace the stick.

Sliding Door Bar Locks with lady bending over to pick up stick out of sliding glass door Sliding Door Bar Locks with lady

  • LockKing Security Bar/Locks is a self adjusting patio door security bar that provides extra security for your sliding glass door.
  • Sliding Door Security Bar eliminates bending over to remove a stick or unlatch a another lock.
  • LockKing Security Bar, after installation, moves easily with the door when it opens and closes.

  • The Security Bar/Locks are easily installed, requiring a hex wrench which is supplied for simple installation.
  • Sliding Door Bar Locks may be removed without damage to your slider, excepting the optional use of screws.
  • LockKing Security Bar can be installed at different heights, giving the user more convenience,
    while adapting to their needs.
  • The Sliding Door Security Bar is available in sizes to fit most sliders on the ORDER page..
  • Custom sizes are available for different applications such as for Handicap Doors and Sliding Doors with Pet Door Panels.
  • When installed the Security Bar can take up to 3″ in width in the fully open position and the Mounting Brackets are 3/4″ wide and need a flat surface to mount to.


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